Mercedes-Benz Makes a Porcine Friend



Wouldn't it be fun to drive a new Mercedes-Benz GLE around New Zealand? Well that's just what bloggers Tamsin Kreymborg and Christopher Wesser got to do, and you can enjoy their trip vicariously by reading their account of it.

First, the pair enjoys a relaxing drive along State Highway 1 and a trip to Ninety Mile Beach. "Later, on a lonely country road, there is another highlight in store: close to small Coromandel Town, Tamsin and Christopher encounter a farmer who is just feeding his pigs. There is a sweet little pig that they particularly like, called Nadja: the farmer is just carrying her in his arms. He is more interested in the GLE and he takes a few photos with his mobile."

Click on the link embedded above to read all of "Amongst the Kiwis: a road trip through New Zealand in a GLE," then come out to Mercedes-Benz of Willoughby at 38750 Mentor Ave and explore our new Mercedes-Benz inventory.

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